Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Feel a cold coming on?

A survey of participants of the Los Angeles Marathon found that 40% caught colds within two months of the marathon. Marathon training is brutal on the body's defenses. Do your best to avoid sick people. Wash your hands whenever you get the chance. Hand to body is how the majority of colds are spread rather then by airborne germs. Taper big time the two weeks going into the race to reduce the chance of a last minute cold. There is no cramming for this exam in the final two weeks. Cram now!

If you do get sick back down. You can run, but don't work hard. Run short and run slow. Get into a warm shower quickly after the run. Drink fluids and rest. Take vitamin C. Say a prayer. When you feel well enough to get in a decent run, wait one more day. Patience is a virtue, although I respect those of us who don't have it.