Monday, December 04, 2006

Record Keeping

If you don't already do so, keep a training log. Use a notebook, calendar, running log, etc. to record at a minimum, the following information: miles run, total time run, and shoe model worn. Records can also be kept on resting heart-rate, weather conditions, running route, your perceived exertion level, and much more.

The central reasons for keeping a log are three-fold. First, the log provides a history of your running, crucial to finding the possible cause of a running injury. Second, reviewing a running log can help determine the training methods that have been the most effective in the past regarding your best race performances. Finally, keeping a log is highly motivating, as few runners like to leave too many black spaces! However, do not become compulsive about your running just to "fill in the blanks" or to reach a specific weekly mileage total. I recommend also keeping a shoe mileage chart. By keeping a cumulative mileage total for each pair of the shoes you own, it is easy to determine when it's time to purchase a new pair.