Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Running Tips

***If have gotten a little blister or other hot spot from your shoe, check out the socks you are wearing. If they are those thick cotton socks, then they are just absorbing and holding sweat like a towel. Before you blame your shoes try some alternate socks, preferably cool-max type socks as they will wick away sweat which will cause it to evaporate easier.

***Just a light glaze of Vaseline will prevent blisters on any hot spot. Blisters come from friction and Vaseline eliminates the friction. Same thing if you are chafing a little between your thighs. As you sweat and it gets absorbed into your shorts that rubs in the area, again Vaseline will help.

***Ladies if your jog bra is rubbing you on your breast plate, which is not uncommon at all, the bottom of your jog bra a line almost dead center of your chest, a little Vaseline will help that as well.

tips from birminghamtrackclub.com

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