Sunday, February 11, 2007

Training Tips from Runner's World

Are there other runners among your family and friends? Run together to stretch and strengthen the boundaries of your relationships!

Before beginning training for a race, work on developing a plan tailored to meet your unique goals and needs.

Bodies come in all shapes and sizes--instead of pining away for a different body type, accept your genetics and adjust your training to maximize the most you can get out of your own unique body.

Wear running clothes that make you feel attractive; thinking you look good will allow you to run with more confidence.

Incorporating speed training into your workouts will help improve your efficiency while burning calories.

Add hills to your workout (whether outside or on the treadmill): They help build strength and burn calories.

Running on a treadmill is the ideal way to avoid the hassle of nasty weather while still remaining fit.

Place your treadmill in front of a window, full-length mirror, or television to provide air, motivation, and relief from monotony.

Try running with a faster runner or group once a week, then twice a week. Your body will adapt to the faster pace and you'll see results at your next race.

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